Leadership coaching


Sarah specialises in leadership coaching and can help you to develop an authentic and effective way of managing yourself. Working both in the UK and internationally, she creates bespoke coaching and training interventions within leadership programmes of her own making and developed in collaboration with others.

Sync Leadership 

This programme focuses on the interplay between leadership and disability. Designed alongside Jo Verrent, this leadership development programme grew out of the Cultural Leadership Programme, funded by Arts Council England.

Sync Aus broke new ground for disabled and deaf leaders in Australia, and we continually talk about the benefits and can see the Sync cohort fly.

-Gaelle Mellis, Artistic Director, Access2Arts, Australia-

Sync is now an independent project and has since run two programmes in Australia, in South Korea in Spring 2018 in Singapore in 2019 and launched a new programme with a new syncleadership.com website in Canada in Spring 2020, moving online through the pandemic supported by local disability agencies and the British Council working globally.

Transformers Diversify is a mid career leadership programme with diversity as a key driver and focus rolling out in 2017/18.  Working alongside Hilary Carty for the Museums Association, funded by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn,

Transformers Diversify

Working with Sarah on Transformers Diversify has been a joy.  Sarah skilfully and thoughtfully encourages openness and courage to embrace the challenges and opportunities inherent in this area of cultural practice.

– Hilary S. Carty MBA CCMI, Cloreleadership.org –