Sarah’s facilitation quietly, yet firmly,  helps you see, feel and touch new perspectives and possibilities – it’s informed and thoughtful, creative and inspiring – learning at it’s best! – Hilary S. Carty MBA CCMI, Director Clore Leadership.

Sarah is an experienced facilitator with years of experience in ensuring workshops and events happen inclusively.  From national leadership programmes to engagement/consultation workshops and one off events,  Sarah is a perfect choice to get you and your audiences to the heart of the matter.


Sarah regularly facilitates and chairs conference panels.  She is able to bring out the best in any gathering, any group so that people as participants and audience members are moved to think and behave differently.

Messy Edge – Brighton Digital Festival


Arts & science

Shape of the Pain

This was an R&D with a focus on the exchange between medics and therapists working in pain research, led by theatre director Rachel Bagshaw and a writer, dancer, sound and lighting artist based at The Pit, Barbican. Sarah facilitated exploration through group coaching interventions and chaired an afternoon of exchange between scientific and artistic perspectives as to how pain might be portrayed digitally.